Testimonials - Verslaving coachen met paardenVerslaving coachen met paarden


Richard Cain

What a privilege it is to write something about Esther.  The month she was at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Centre, was definitely a wonderful time for everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.  Esther is gracious, professional, compassionate, very hard working, knowledgeable, helpful and an all-around great person. I wish Holland wasn’t so far away.  I would love to visit and see what she is doing.  Any endeavor she takes on will be successful if it is in her power to make it happen. I know that whatever venture she undertakes will have her full dedication, discipline and determination.  

Leslee Fornof

During her 30-day internship by Touchstone Ranch Recovery Centre, Esther Benard proved herself to be a competent counselor.  She participated in education groups, talked with the patients and became familiar with our 12 steps treatment program.  During equine therapy, however, she demonstrated a passion that was a breath of fresh air.  Esther was insightful when it came to identifying how the horses “mimicked” the patients.  She was able to “pin-point” what each patient was struggling with by watching the interaction between horse and human. Esther demonstrated good work ethics, abided by the confidentiality rule and displayed a serious attitude about the treatment program. She was eager to learn and was also willing to share her own knowledge of recovery and equine therapy with patients and staff. She established a good rapport with everyone here at Touchstone Ranch and we were sad to see her go. I would recommend Esther Benard as an equine therapist

Ben Marcus

Voor ik in aanraking kwam met de paarden, had ik eigenlijk nooit verwacht dat ik op Esther haar vraag ‘ja’ zou zeggen. Ik wist dat er iets moest gebeuren,wist niet meer wat te doen?….dus greep ik de uitnodiging van Esther aan. Ik heb geleerd dat ik meer in mijn mars heb, dan ik dacht…en dankzij de paarden vond ik ‘krachten’ die ik was vergeten. Ik kan weer energie uit mezelf halen ten bate van andere en mezelf. Bedankt Esther en de paarden!

Ingrid Wismeijer

Wat ik heb geleerd na zes paarden coachsessies, is dat ik steeds dezelfde valkuil had, waardoor ik situaties niet meer aankon of onder controle had. Omdat ik nu weet wat ik ermee kan en moet doen, ga ik beter met lastige situaties om. Esther is duidelijk en heel fijn als coach, ook waren de paarden fantastisch. Al met al heeft het MIJ erg goed gedaan, bedankt Esther!